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“All your Videography needs”


“All your Videography needs”

“The effects you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.”

Jim Carrey


About Me

Hi I’m David. I grew up on the beautiful coastal town of the Mornington Peninsula. At a young age I had a fascination with film and story telling. My imagination still runs wild every day with ideas.

In 2007 studying film and videography at SAE Film Institute I loved the fact I could put my work on a big screen for everyone to see. Most of all to see the enjoyment in peoples faces as they watched, and this is how Pikaflix Melbourne videography started.

I am a videographer based in Melbourne. Since being a videographer is in demand I also travel long distances if needed. I have a busy and happy life style and love to meet new exciting people, being a videographer is perfect for that. I have traveled many places around the world and love to shoot the beautiful landscapes that our world gives us. We are in a world now surrounded by technology  and life distractions. Its good for the mind to stop for a minute and appreciate what’s around us and see were we are. Life is a magical place and I am here to share it with you and the world.

I like entering in different film festivals around Melbourne. You can find all the dates at the film festival guide website. I also enjoy making documentaries, the more I use my equipment the happier I am.

I have a sporty healthy life style which includes squash, volleyball, snowboarding and getting away on a camping trips for a hike and paddle on my kayak.

Furthermore I’d like to thank you for taking the time to have a look at Pikaflix Productions. I am looking forward to helping you create a stunning video of your desire. Come and see Melbourne videography at its best.




Pikaflix specializes in all videography projects, from post production to pre production. I am a skilled videographer with an artistic mind.  Please feel free to contact me or to schedule a meeting in the Melbourne area to discuss what filming you have in mind. 


Getting married is one of the most important and memorable days of your life. Why not capture the whole day professionally on film and revisit your special day anytime with your friends and family. Choose your own videography Package to suit your needs. These include pre wedding shoot, ceremony, dinner or lunch, speeches and of course don’t forget the after party.

Real estate

Trying to sell your house in the Melbourne area? Show off your home with a video tour of your home, This can be filmed, edited and uploaded to the internet in 24 hours. Aerial drone footage available for bigger properties.  360 degree camera tour also available for mobile and tablet devices.

Drone footage

Spice up your videos with aerial Filming. This is great for social events, music videos, short films, weddings, fishing tours, real estate and more. We have one of the best drones on the market with a built in 4K camera and image stabilization gimbal technology. We can get footage in the most hard to reach places. Be blown away with the amazing drone footage of your event like you have never seen before. 

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